For just £3 a month or £36 a year, you can give Rakan the donkey the love and care he needs.

Adopt Rakan the Donkey This Spring


Age: 18 years old

Location: Jericho

In August 2023, Dr Rakan was alerted to the plight of a donkey found on the streets of the Palestinian city of Jericho. The poor donkey had been set alight and one of his ears was badly burned. He must have been in so much pain. Dr Rakan immediately had the donkey transported to our rescue centre in Nablus, where he sedated him, gave him painkillers and antibiotics and began the long process of treating the wound. Eventually, the donkey’s condition was stable enough for Dr Rakan to amputate the ear. The donkey, named Rakan after the man who saved him, has recovered well and is settling in with his new donkey friends.

Adopt as a gift or for yourself

Donkey adoptions make a fantastic gift.
Just choose Rakan or one of our many donekys.  
You can get a pack through the post, or our new digital adoption pack by email. Perfect for last-minute gifts!

Your donkey adoption
pack contains

  • A photo of your adopted donkey
  • Your donkey’s record card
  • Your adoption certificate
  • An ‘I’ve Adopted a Donkey’ window sticker
  • A small cuddly donkey (UK only – due to Customs restrictions we can no longer send the cuddly donkey overseas)
  • Updates on your adopted donkey via our newsletter and weekly e-mails
  • Or you can choose our new e-mail only adoption pack option so that more of your donation goes towards helping donkeys.

How your donkey adoption is helping donkeys

Here at Safe Haven for Donkeys over 200 abandoned, injured and traumatised donkeys have found refuge at our sanctuary located near the Israeli town of Netanya. A sanctuary where discarded donkeys can live a life full of love and care they so much need. With your help, we provide free veterinary care to working donkeys, mules and horses in towns and villages across the Palestinian Territories. To bring about long-term changes in attitudes towards these humble beasts of burden, education sessions for owners and local veterinary students are also a vital part of what we do.

We are the only organisation dedicated to the welfare of working and abandoned donkeys in Israel and the West Bank and have been here for the donkeys for the past 20 years.

We can only bring this much-needed help with your donations and donkey adoptions.

Thank you for caring about donkeys!

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