Virtual Gifts for Donkeys

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  • Care for a Donkey


    Our mobile vet team in Egypt frequently encounter wounds that come from poorly fitting harnesses, and from beatings. You can help by funding soothing iodine, zinc ointment and other treatments.

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  • Comfort and Care


    We often see muzzle wounds from ill-fitting harnessing, so as well as treating these wounds, we also provide a comfy new head collar to take away the pain.  Help us to treat sore wounds and provide soft harnesses to working donkeys in the West Bank.

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  • Help with Harnessing


    Donkeys and mules work in desert heat in the brick kilns of El Saf, Egypt pulling heavy carts of bricks. You could pay for two new harnesses to be made and fitted, preventing horrific  wounds.

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  • Support Our Egypt Vet Team


    The donkeys at the El Saf brick kilns in Egypt are suffering. Harness injuries, wounds from beatings, overgrown and deformed hooves, and parasitic diseases spread by flies have left many in unimaginable pain.

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  • Donkey Treats


    We all love a treat every now and then, and donkeys are no different. Whether it’s a crunchy carrot, a slice of the sweetest watermelon or a refreshing cucumber, treats make the donkeys in our care feel loved and very special.  Will you help us give a donkey a tasty treat – and put a smile on their face?

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  • Milk for a Baby


    When abandoned, often undernourished foals arrive at our West Bank centre, Dr Rakan personally bottle-feeds them to ensure they put on vital weight and have the best chance of developing into healthy, strong adults.  Will you help us buy special formula powder, so we can feed an orphaned foal?

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  • Scoop that Poop


    There’s no denying it, donkeys produce a lot of poop. Once matured, it makes great manure but with over 200 donkeys, there’s only so much we can use. The problem is, we must pay to have it taken away in Israel.  Will you help us scoop that poop – and get it safely taken away?

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  • Bed for the Night


    When donkeys first arrive at our Nablus rescue centre, they are often tired, undernourished and suffering with wounds or injuries. Comfy bedding and a safe roof over their weary heads can make all the difference, instantly making them feel more comfortable.  Will you help us provide the comfort and care a recent arrival at the Nablus rescue centre needs?

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  • Dinner for a Donkey


    Donkeys love nothing more than chomping on fresh hay, their tails swishing with joy. It’s the perfect food for them, full of roughage, nutrition and energy.  With your help, we can feed a donkey for a week in this way, keeping them in their favourite food.

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  • Gleaming Gnashers


    Donkeys’ teeth are essential to their health. Left to grow, they grind against the side of the mouth, causing unbelievable pain and putting the animals off their food, with potentially fatal consequences.  Help us give the donkeys’ teeth a regular rasping, and keep these special animals healthy, happy and smiling.

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  • Medicine Cabinet


    Donkeys come into our care with a range of health needs, which often need ongoing treatment. There are also donkeys who occasionally get sick or injured. That’s why it’s essential to keep our medicine cabinets well stocked with the all the essentials.  With your help, we can treat problems as soon as they present themselves, swiftly putting smiles back on faces.

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  • Vet for the Sanctuary


    At the sanctuary, Dr Eliran the vet visits every week.  Whether it’s to provide ongoing treatment for one of our residents, to help a new donkey who may have multiple health issues when they arrive or simply when an animal falls ill.

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