Safehaven Donkey

Shelter is vital if we’re to keep the donkeys dry and safe this winter and prevent illness and disease taking hold in the herd.

Donkey Shelters

Our polytunnel shelters get damaged by birds pecking at the plastic sheeting. Without urgent repairs, they’ll leak and flood the ground.

Donkey Fencing

Some of our metal fencing is old and damaged in places. It could easily injure the donkeys if it’s not replaced soon.

We are facing an emergency at the sanctuary in Israel. If we don’t ready it for winter, the 200 donkeys who live there will not be safe.

Your gift will help us prepare for the months ahead. We can mend the paddock fences, preventing the donkeys from escaping, leaving them in danger of being taken away by the local council, stolen or even knocked down by a car. Much of the fencing was in place when we moved to the site 19 years ago and some parts a re also rusted, with sharp edges that could seriously injure the donkeys.

You’ll also help us put sand down to soak up the water after heavy rainfall, which often happens in the winter months. Donkeys evolved to live in an arid desert environment, so the wet weather can make them more vulnerable to conditions such as foot abscesses, seedy toe, which leaves hooves weak, crumbly and painful, and infections on the sole.

Your gift will enable us to repair the donkeys’ shelters. Constructed with sheets of plastic stretched over metal frames, the shelters a re cheap, easy to move and expandable. But they’re prone to damage from birds, who peck at the insects on the sheeting. To keep the donkeys warm a nd dry in wet weather, it’s vital we mend them.

As winter nears, please help us ensure the sanctuary is prepared- and the animals in our care have a warm, dry and safe home- sheltered from the elements. You’ll also help us reach out to donkeys in the West Bank with our mobile veterinary clinic.

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