Will you give Rakan the donkey a home for Christmas?

With the success of our work in the West Bank has come an increase in demand. Now, in addition to donkeys requiring treatment, we’re also seeing more abandoned animals who urgently need a safe home, and the love and care of dedicated staff. 

The current shelter in Nablus simply doesn’t have the space or resources to cope, so we now need to move to a new permanent site in the West Bank. With Christmas fast approaching, we’d love to give abandoned donkeys a home as soon as possible. With your help, we can ensure a donkey like Rakan, who suffered terrible wounds after being set alight, gets a forever home.

With your support, the new Rescue Centre in Arranah, near Jenin, will provide a home to 30 rescue donkeys. Your gift will help us to build polytunnels to provide winter shelter, fence off paddocks so the herd is safely enclosed, and fund all the necessary equipment, including feeding stations and, if we raise enough, a bobcat to transport straw and hay. 

In this way, you’ll provide a permanent home for donkeys like Rakan (named after our vet in Nablus, Dr Rakan). This poor donkey was found on the streets of Jericho, suffering unimaginable pain after his right ear had been set alight. He was brought back to the clinic at Nablus, where he’s now recovering well. He will be one of the donkeys who will live out his days at the new Rescue Centre, a gentle environment where he can spend time with the other animals in the herd, receiving the love and care he deserves.

So please, if you can, send a gift today – and give Rakan and his friends a home in time for Christmas.

Will you help Rakan the donkey have a home in time for Christmas?

£20 could help pay for fencing to create a new paddock.

£50 could help pay to build a shelter to provide a home for 30 rescue donkeys.

£250 could help us rescue other donkeys like Rakan.

Your donations will help us to build a new home for our rescue donkeys in the West Bank. If we raise more money than we need, you will help us to care for the donkeys at our Sanctuary over in Israel, as well as run our four mobile vet clinics in the West Bank and El Saf, Egypt.

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