Help us look after
mothers and their
new-born foals

Will you help us create a mother and baby zone at the Sanctuary?

After a difficult couple of years, we have so much to be grateful for at Safe Haven for Donkeys. Thanks to your support, our work at the Sanctuary and through our mobile veterinary clinics has continued – bringing care to the most vulnerable animals.

While there is lots to celebrate, there is still more to be done. We now need to raise money to develop a Mother and Baby zone, an essential new offering next to the redeveloped hospital at the Sanctuary.

Will you give a gift and help us establish a special Mother and Baby area at the Sanctuary?

By creating a special Mother and Baby zone, we can ensure that Hope – whose baby is due in the spring – has the best possible care in the run up to the birth.

Please help us improve our Sanctuary to give Mothers and Foals the best possible chance.

If we’re lucky enough to raise more money than is needed, in addition to building the Mother and Baby zone, funds may also be used to redevelop other parts of the Sanctuary and for the general care of the donkeys.

We do have a strict no-breeding policy but a newly arrived male at the sanctuary managed to get in with Hope while we were waiting for the vet to arrive to castrate him.  We have taken steps to ensure this cannot happen again but in the meantime, do need to ensure that Hope has the best possible care in the run-up to the birth.

Hope, who was born at the Sanctuary to Rita in 2017, is now pregnant herself. We want to give her and her foal the very best support we can. Will you give a gift today?
A foal’s first 12 hours are crucial to their survival, so it’s vital we provide the very best care in our new Mother and Baby zone.
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