News from the Rescue Centre in the West Bank

Dr Rakan has asked us to share this story to show you, our supporters, how we are helping cases of cruelty towards donkeys over in the West Bank.

Please note that this page includes some graphic photos of the donkey’s ear injury.

The story began when Dr Rakan received a call from our vet, Dr Omran, over in Tubas. He had been alerted to a donkey abandoned on the streets of Jericho in a terrible condition.

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Dr Rakan immediately arranged transportation. He arrived at our Rescue Centre – you can see the photo above – in pain and in desperate need of veterinary care.

The following photos are a little upsetting but do show the incredible work our vets carry out to help donkeys in need.

The donkey had been set alight – and his ear was severely burnt. He must have been in so much pain.

Dr Rakan was appalled to see the donkey had 3rd or 4th degree burns to this ear. He immediately sedated the donkey, gave him a painkiller, and antibiotics, and gently washed the ear in antiseptic, applying soothing cream before bandaging the ear.

For several days the donkey was on antibiotics and painkillers, with his bandage changed daily. He was also given a tetanus vaccine. The poor donkey had been in so much pain, this treatment was literally a lifesaver, and only possible thanks to your support.

After a few days of treatment, the donkey’s condition was stable enough for Dr Rakan to operate to remove the ear – an auriculectomy – as the ear was so badly damaged it was beyond saving. We’re pleased to say the operation was a complete success.

The donkey’s head was wrapped in a special bandage containing antiseptic ointment and an absorbent dressing. The bandage was changed every day and as you can see above, the donkey was looking and feeling so much better.

The donkey is now happy at our Rescue Centre in the West Bank – he is interacting with the other donkeys and also with Dr Rakan and the team. And we’re delighted to say he’s made a full recovery.

As Dr Rakan said: “he is healthy and happy and will enjoy his life at Safe Haven. It’s the most successful story I’ve ever told.”

Well done Dr Rakan!

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Your donations help us to fund our emergency veterinary treatment such as this, helping to care for so many donkeys in need – including our newest resident (pictured below)

Thank you!

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