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Raymondo Reeves

Age: 12 years old

Location: Qalqilya

Raymondo Reeves, named after the uncle of a past member of staff, was around four months old when he came to the sanctuary from Qalqilya.  He lived in Qalqilya and was taken in to our rest haven there with wounds to each side of his neck. His owner alleged that his mother 'didn't want him' and kept biting his neck.


The usual story is that because a young donkey wants to keep drinking its mother's milk, they tend to make their mothers stubborn and therefore it's harder to make the mother work and this can tend to make the owners end up wanting to abandon the young foals, we've seen it time and time again.


However, whatever the reason, at least that owner had the decency and heart to bring the foal to us knowing we would take care of him instead of tying him to a tree somewhere and being left to die as has often been the case.


No doubt little Raymondo will soon make lots of new friends among his donkey family.


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