Dr Rakan’s August update

Dr Rakan and Nour have been hard at work this month visiting many, many donkeys across Nablus and the surrounding area. He’s sent us this update:

“Much of our work is in very remote communities across the West Bank. Nour and I travel hundreds of kilometres every week to treat working donkeys. I hope my video below gives you a sense of this”.

“The last few weeks have seen us visit different communities, such as Balata, a refugee camp. One of the donkeys we helped there provides a livelihood to her owner and his family. We were pleased to be able to provide a new harness to replace the heavy, harsh old one. You can see the new harness below alongside the old harness, which was padded with old bedding. The donkey will be much happier now and this is all thanks to your support to Safe Haven and the work we do in Israel and the West Bank”:

balata refugee camp working donkey

balata refugee camp working donkey new harness fitted by dr Rakan

“We have also visited shepherd donkeys – they are vital support in looking after sheep as they bond with the herd. I hope you enjoy seeing the photos that Nour and I have sent over”:

shepherd donkey West Bank

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