Help us treat even more donkeys in the West Bank.

Mobile Donkey Clinic

Many of the donkeys Dr Eyed treats suffer with painful harness wounds, typically caused by chain halters. He treats the lacerations and encourages owners to fit softer fabric harnesses.

Carboard Box Storage

Dr Eyed is currently transporting his equipment, medicine and bandages in cardboard boxes in his own car. With a purpose-built vehicle and suitable storage, he can carry much more.

Shoeing a Donkey

Your gift could help provide Ahmad with new farrier equipment, keeping hooves in good condition and preventing the pain that comes when they’re overgrown

Just over a year ago, we launched a new mobile veterinary clinic in Hebron, in the south of the West Bank. Manned by Dr Eyed Nasser, who’s ably supported by Ahmad Ajjaj, his farrier, the clinic cares for working donkeys from a base in Hebron Market, where farmers from the local area bring their produce to be sold.

The donkeys Dr Eyed treats present with a range of illnesses and injuries, but the most common are painful and sometimes infected harness wounds, typically caused by ploughing when wearing a chain halter, which rubs and leads to lacerations.

It’s become clear that Dr Eyed faces a growing and urgent demand for his services, not just at the market but in more rural areas. But to meet this need, he desperately requires an upgraded and fully equipped mobile clinic.

By giving a donation, you can help us dramatically increase the scope and scale of our work in Hebron, meeting the needs of an increasing number of donkeys who require medical support. Vets are few and far between in the West Bank, and those that are available cost far more than the average farmer can afford. Our services are free, making Dr Eyed’s veterinary care accessible to all donkeys that need it.

You’ll also be helping him spread the word about how to better care for working donkeys. With veterinary care and the correct method of harnessing, he can potentially save donkeys’ lives.

So please, if you can, give a donation today and help us equip the Hebron mobile veterinary clinic. With your support, we can extend our reach in the south of the West Bank – ensuring working donkeys live longer, happier and healthier lives.

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See our team at work in this short video about our work in the West Bank.

Donkey Mobile Treatment Centre

If we’re lucky enough to raise more money than is needed to equip our team in Hebron, donations will be used to help care for and protect other donkeys in need in Israel and the West Bank.