URGENT: Egypt’s brick kiln donkeys need your help

We are launching an appeal today about a matter of great urgency – the suffering of donkeys working in brick kilns in the El Saf region of Egypt.  

The animals are relied on for haulage, transporting raw bricks to the ovens in fierce desert heat, and are suffering unimaginable pain.

These working donkeys endure horrendous harness injuries, wounds from beatings, and overgrown hooves and parasitic diseases spread by flies that have left animals in agony. 

We need to raise the funds to send in a vet team six days a week to help working donkeys in desperate need.

The vet team will work to treat wounds and infections, trim overgrown hooves that cause agonising lameness, and rasp sharp tooth burrs that can create excruciating mouth ulcers and leave already malnourished donkeys without an appetite.

Will you send a gift today and help us provide urgent veterinary treatment to donkeys working in the brick kilns of Egypt?

With around 3,000 donkeys in the area requiring treatment, it’s vital the team has everything it needs – as soon as possible.

We urgently need to raise £60,000 to fund the first year of the mobile veterinary clinic. With your support, we can ensure the team has the medicine and equipment necessary to treat sick and injured donkeys at the El Saf brick kilns. 

Alongside treating the donkeys, the team will educate kiln owners on how best to look after their animals – ensuring more nourishing food, adequate rest and the correct fitting of harnesses and saddles to avoid wounds.

Please send a gift today and help us provide urgent veterinary treatment to donkeys working in the brick kilns of Egypt. Thank you.

Donkeys and mules work in desert heat, dragging heavy loads and enduring regular beatings from their handlers. Many suffer agonising saddle, harness and beating injuries.  
Many of the donkeys have ulcers caused by painfully sharp burrs on their teeth. Our vet team could help in a matter of minutes. These burrs can be rasped, providing instant pain relief.
The mobile vet team frequently encounter wounds that come from poorly fitting harnesses, and from beatings. They clean the injuries and then apply a soothing coat of iodine and zinc ointment.
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