Mistletoe has a dental appointment

Today, our vet Dr Kol Amos visited the sanctuary to make his regular inspection of our donkey family. Dr Amos decided that Mistletoe’s teeth were looking a little overgrown and so he gave them a trim with his electric rasp – quick and painless, especially with the metal gag Mistletoe is wearing to hold her mouth open. Now Mistletoe can carry on munching!

Dr Amos, a father of three, runs a horse clinic in Israel and specialises in equine veterinary care. He is the head of the Israeli Association of Equine Veterinarians. Among his other duties he has worked with the Israeli government for over ten years rescuing and rehabilitating stray horses. He says “Horses and donkeys have always been my life, my mum says I started talking about being a vet when I was about 8. I am delighted to have been chosen to help care for these beautiful animals at Safe Haven and I’ll do my very best for every one of them.”

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