Our donkey update – 7th March 2024

This week I have news from our new rescue centre in Arrana, in the West Bank.

We’re delighted to say that Jan and Rakan the donkey were given the green light to move across from the hospital in Nablus to their new forever home. And they couldn’t be happier! Do have a look at the videos Dr Rakan has sent over – they’re so heartwarming.

And please know that you have made this possible with all your kind donations – with your support we were able to quickly build the new centre in Arrana a few months ago. And it’s very clear the donkeys love their new home

News from Arrana

Our rescue donkeys at our new centre in Arrana couldn’t be happier with their new home. The paddocks are currently covered in cheeseweed, or mallow. What’s interesting is cheeseweed is normally quite toxic to equines in the UK, but the donkeys of the West Bank seem to have evolved to thrive on it!

The donkeys were very interested to see who was visiting the rescue centre this week – it was Dr Rakan and Nour bringing some of our donkeys to their new home, from the Nablus hospital.

Rakan the donkey has made amazing progress. Here he is leaving the hospital at Nablus with Nour. He was also accompanied by Jan, Marian, Mahzuz and Salaam. This brings the herd up to 31 donkeys at our rescue centre in Arrana now.

Dr Rakan checks Rakan the donkey (and Jan) very carefully before their release into their new forever home at Arrana.

And here he is – Rakan the donkey soon settles in whilst Jan tucks into the cheeseweed.

We still can’t believe the transformation of Rakan the donkey – from a desperate state to a happy and content donkey enjoying his new forever home.

Thank you so much for all that you do to help donkeys like Rakan. Here he is when Dr Rakan performed surgery on him to amputate his ear which was beyond saving due to extreme burns.

And look at Rakan the donkey now! He’s living his best life.

Rakan the donkey loves his new forever home at Arrana, our new rescue centre.
Rakan has a trot around his new paddock.

Thank you!

We hope this update has helped to show you how your donations are helping donkeys in desperate need – thank you for your support!

If you’d like to support our work, please click here.

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