Virtual Gifts for Donkeys

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  • Dinner for Our Rescue Babies


    When foals arrive at the Nablus rescue centre, Dr Rakan personally feeds them to get their strength up and form a bond so they feel comfortable and happy in their new home.  Help us buy a whole sack of baby milk, so we can feed a hungry, orphaned foal like Kay.

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  • Fund a Farrier


    If hooves are left to grow too long, donkeys struggle to walk, which means they can’t easily access food or water, with potentially fatal consequences.  With your support, we can provide instant pain relief for working donkeys in the West Bank and El Saf, Egypt.

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  • Run our Nablus Rescue Centre for a Day


    At any given day at our Nablus rescue centre, around 40 donkeys are fed, brushed, loved and cared for. These  are animals who’ve been found abandoned – often injured – or rescued from  owners who could not feed or care for them properly.  The donkeys stay at the centre until they are well again, and loving homes can be found.  Help us run our rescue centre in the Palestinian city of Nablus for a day and give the donkeys in Dr Rakan’s care a safe and loving home.

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  • Support our Sanctuary


    The sanctuary in Israel needs constant attention if it’s to remain a safe home for the donkeys who live there. We need to keep buildings and fencing in a good state, mending or replacing when necessary, and regularly maintaining and servicing the vehicles and equipment we use.  Help us run the sanctuary, so that the donkeys in our care have a safe and caring home.

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  • Bed and Board at the Sanctuary


    Donkeys need a few staples to stay happy and healthy. Give them comfy bedding, a safe roof over their head, fresh, sweet hay to eat and the occasional nose rub and they have everything they need.  Help us give our donkeys the essentials they need for a month.

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  • Run Our Mobile Clinics


    Dr Rakan, Dr Eyed and Dr Omran run mobile clinics across the West Bank, helping over 1,000 donkeys a month.  They clean and dress wounds, educate owners on how to look after their donkeys humanely and, when necessary, Dr Rakan will bring abandoned donkeys back to the Nablus rescue centre for vital medical attention. Help us support the West Bank clinics for a week.

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