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  • Milk for a Baby


    When abandoned, often undernourished foals arrive at our West Bank centre, Dr Rakan personally bottle-feeds them to ensure they put on vital weight and have the best chance of developing into healthy, strong adults.  Will you help us buy special formula powder, so we can feed an orphaned foal?

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  • Scoop that Poop


    There’s no denying it, donkeys produce a lot of poop. Once matured, it makes great manure but with over 200 donkeys, there’s only so much we can use. The problem is, we must pay to have it taken away in Israel.  Will you help us scoop that poop – and get it safely taken away?

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  • Vet for the Sanctuary


    At the sanctuary, Dr Eliran the vet visits every week.  Whether it’s to provide ongoing treatment for one of our residents, to help a new donkey who may have multiple health issues when they arrive or simply when an animal falls ill.

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  • Run our Nablus Rescue Centre for a Day


    At any given day at our Nablus rescue centre, around 40 donkeys are fed, brushed, loved and cared for. These  are animals who’ve been found abandoned – often injured – or rescued from  owners who could not feed or care for them properly.  The donkeys stay at the centre until they are well again, and loving homes can be found.  Help us run our rescue centre in the Palestinian city of Nablus for a day and give the donkeys in Dr Rakan’s care a safe and loving home.

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