Will you help improve the Sanctuary to give the donkeys a home fit for years to come?

Donkeys at the Sanctuary

Our Sanctuary in Israel is home to a herd of much-loved donkeys. It’s here they receive a diet rich in nutrition, as well as regular visits from the vet to keep them in peak health.

For years, we’ve kept on top of repairs but now things have reached a critical point. The fences have deteriorated. The paddock needs improved drainage. And the electrics need updating.

By making these crucial repairs and improvements, we can provide the best possible care for the donkeys. If the donkeys are to live safely and comfortably at the Sanctuary, we urgently need to carry out this vital work.

Will you donate a gift today – and help us make vital repairs and improvements at the Sanctuary?

Your gift could not only help us carry out these necessary repairs, but also help the Sanctuary be sustainable, long into the future.
We could create a new paddock – a home to some of the younger donkeys in the herd – a space where they can grow up and form all-important bonds.
We could invest in a safe isolation area, so that new arrivals can be properly assessed for disease and treated before they mix with the herd.

View of the paddock with standing water on it.
Waterlogged paddock at the Sanctuary.

A great deal of work needs to be completed, some of it urgently. Please help improve the Sanctuary to give the donkeys a home fit for years to come.
Increasingly wet winters leave the paddock a muddy quagmire in which the donkeys cannot exercise. Your support will help us install proper drainage.
The fences have seriously deteriorated, with some sections in danger of collapse, and rather than spending time endlessly mending, we need a long-term solution.
We have been offered some additional land to rent. With your gift, we can seize the opportunity, providing more exercise areas and a new shelter complete with electricity

Hear our plans for the Sanctuary renovation from our CEO Andy.

Will you donate today?

$25 – could help upgrade the fencing so that the donkeys are safely contained at the Sanctuary
$61 – could help fund an isolation area for new arrivals at the Sanctuary
$122 – could help set up an additional paddock and shelter for the younger donkeys
$610 – could help build a mother and baby unit
$1,463 – could help buy a cauterizing machine to help operation and procedure (like castration) wounds heal better

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