Make a donkey smile this Christmas

By buying one of our special gifts, you can spread smiles across Israel and the West Bank this Christmas.

Buy a Gift that Brings Smiles


Donkey treats

We all love a treat every now and then, and donkeys are no different. Whether it’s a crunchy carrot, a slice of the sweetest watermelon or a refreshing cucumber, treats make the donkeys in our care feel loved and very special.

Milk for a Baby


Milk for a baby

When abandoned, often undernourished foals arrive at our West Bank centre, Dr Rakan personally bottle-feeds them to ensure they put on vital weight and have the best chance of developing into healthy, strong adults.

Scoop That Poop


Scoop that poop

There’s no denying it, donkeys produce a lot of poop. Once matured, it makes great manure but with over 200 donkeys, there’s only so much we can use. The problem is, we must pay to have it taken away in Israel.

Bed For a Night


Bed for the night

When donkeys first arrive at our Nablus rescue centre, they are often tired, undernourished and suffering with wounds or injuries. Comfy bedding and a safe roof over their weary heads can make all the difference, instantly making them feel more comfortable.

Dinner For a Donkey


Dinner for a Donkey

Donkeys love nothing more than chomping on fresh hay, their tails swishing with joy. It’s the perfect food for them, full of roughage, nutrition and energy.

Gleaning Gnashers


Gleaming Gnashers

Donkeys’ teeth are essential to their health. Left to grow, they grind against the side of the mouth, causing unbelievable pain and putting the animals off their food, with potentially fatal consequences.

Medicine Cabinet


Medicine Cabinet

Donkeys come into our care with a range of health needs, which often need ongoing treatment. There are also donkeys who occasionally get sick or injured. That’s why it’s essential to keep our medicine cabinets well stocked with the all the essentials.

Vet for Sanctuary


Vet for the Sanctuary

At the sanctuary, we often need to call on the vet, whether it’s to provide ongoing treatment for one of our residents, to help a new donkey who may have multiple health issues when they arrive, or simply when an animal falls ill.

Dinner for Babies


Dinner for our Babies

When foals arrive at the Nablus rescue centre, Dr Rakan personally feeds them to get their strength up and form a bond so they feel comfortable and happy in their new home.

Pedicure for Donkeys


Pedicure for our Donkeys

If hooves are left to grow too long, donkeys struggle to walk, which means they can’t easily access food or water, with potentially fatal consequences. There is also the danger of laminitis, a life-threatening condition.

Run Our Rescue Centre


Run our Rescue Centre

Around 40 donkeys are fed, brushed, and cared for at our Nablus centre. These donkeys are abandoned – often injured – or rescued from owners who could not feed or care for them. The donkeys stay at the centre until loving homes are found.

Support Our Sanctuary


Support our Sanctuary

The sanctuary in Israel needs constant attention if it’s to remain a safe home for the donkeys who live there. We need to keep buildings and fencing in a good state, mending or replacing when necessary, and regularly service the vehicles we use.

Bed and Board at Our Sanctuary


Bed & Board at Sanctuary

Donkeys need a few staples to stay happy and healthy. Give them comfy bedding, a safe roof over their head, fresh, sweet hay to eat and the occasional nose rub and they have everything they need.

Run Our Mobile Clinic


Run our Mobile Clinic

Dr Rakan’s mobile clinic in the West Bank helps around 1,000 donkeys a month, dressing wounds, educating owners on how to look after their animals and, when necessary, bringing donkeys back to the rescue centre for vital medical attention.