Video updates from the Sanctuary and the West Bank – 24th November 2022

Dr Rakan, Wael and Nour have been covering an area far and wide this week – visiting places such as Aqraba, Mekhmas and closer to home at the Nablus market. Here you can see a series of short videos – the first shows a poor working donkey who has been rested but still received a high carbohydrate diet. When he was put to work again it resulted in the unsteady gait and stiffness of the muscles you can see in this video:

Here Dr Rakan has put the donkey on an IV drip of electrolytes, vitamins and supporting medication:

See how the donkey is so much better after Dr Rakan’s treatment!

Our donkeys are kept in tip top condition by our dedicated team at the Sanctuary. Here you can see Ali gently cleaning Raymond’s eyes with a special wipe. Raymond seems quite happy and relaxed:



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