Meet Dominic – our newest resident

Meet Dominic – our newest resident at the Sanctuary. He was rescued from the desert, after we were informed he was being mistreated. You’ll be glad to hear he has a safe new home at our Sanctuary now. One of the Sanctuary staff, Dusty, will tell you a little more about Dominic. Part one…

Dominic is very thin – and we think only two years old. You can see part two of our video here…

Since arriving at the Sanctuary he’s been eating well – tucking into a mix of barely flakes, flaked corn and pea protein flakes. This mixture is rich in protein, oils and fats to help him regain his strength. He’s also getting along very well with Elijah – our other new arrival. We’ll bring you news of Elijah very soon. Part three of Dominic’s video is here…


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