Emergency appeal for the donkeys of Gaza

The war in Gaza is a catastrophe which has brought death and destruction on an unimaginable scale. Thousands have died, many more have been injured.

But there are also donkeys and horses caught up in the conflict, animals that have become a priority for a population that’s struggling to access food, water and basic services.

Donkeys and horses are now more important than ever before. With fuel scarce, and many trucks, vans and cars destroyed, donkeys and horses are now the main mode of transport – moving people, food, water, and essential medicines through a war-ravaged landscape. 

Understandably, given the situation on the ground, the desperate needs of the people and the lack of alternative transport, these animals are working in appalling conditions – suffering malnourishment, dehydration and excruciating wounds from the heavy loads they carry and pull.

Led by Dr Saif, Safe Haven for Donkeys’ team in Gaza is working tirelessly every day, often setting up clinics by the side of the road, to provide relief to donkeys and horses that have horrific harness wounds, as well as injuries from missiles and bombs. 

With your help, we can send even more animal food and medicines into Gaza over the coming months, and support our team with delivering first aid to animals in need.

Antibiotics and other veterinary medicines are urgently needed to ensure diseases are treated and do not spread among the equine population.
The team is working in unimaginably difficult conditions delivering first aid to donkeys and horses in Gaza. See our short video voiced by Peter Egan.
Safe Haven runs the only mobile veterinary clinic on the ground in Gaza. Left to right: Mohammed, Jyhad, Dr Sulamman, and Dr Saif. 
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