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We need you as together we fight for better living conditions, access to basic medical care and treatment of hard-working donkeys!

Donkeys like these ones suffer neglect, abuse and overwork every day. 
What can you do?

The toxic trio of poverty, neglect and abuse, rob donkeys of a dignified life. The donkeys' challenges are real -
✘ extremely limited access to medical help,
✘ gruelling labour and appalling living conditions, and
✘ risk of being abandoned and discarded if unable to work.

The problem seems enormous. It is.

But every reader of this post can do something. If governments will not take action, then it is up to us to take action, to help, to show compassion.

We strongly believe that donkeys, these gentle souls, deserve not only unwavering respect but also compassionate, life-saving medical care to nurture their well-being and protect their precious lives. That’s why Safe Haven's mobile clinics, vets and farriers travel the country reaching the most remote and impoverished areas to reach donkeys in need.

This costs money.

If you can: make a donation today. Donate whatever you can today to help Safe Haven going for the donkeys in these challenging times.
You have the power to make a lasting difference to donkeys in need by donating today. For US Paypal, please follow this link.

Here at Safe Haven for Donkeys over 200 abandoned, injured and traumatised donkeys have found refuge at our sanctuary located near the Israeli town of Netanya. A sanctuary where discarded donkeys can live a life full of love and care they so much need. With your help, we provide free veterinary care to working donkeys, mules and horses in towns and villages across the Palestinian Territories. To bring about long-term changes in attitudes towards these humble beasts of burden, education sessions for owners and local veterinary students are also a vital part of what we do.

We are the only organisation dedicated to the welfare of working and abandoned donkeys in Israel and the West Bank and have been here for the donkeys for the past 20 years.

We can only bring this much-needed help with your help and kind donations.

Will you join others and do the right thing for vulnerable donkeys?
Will you donate today?

£95 | $115 could run our mobile clinic for a day
£60 | $67 could pay for a sack of milk replacement powder for an orphaned foal
£40 | $50 could pay for a dental checkup and treatment for two donkeys
£25 | $30 could pay for a vet visit to the sanctuary
£15 | $20 could feed a donkey for 2 weeks
£10 | $12 could pay for hoof trimming for a donkey

Single and Ongoing Donations

You can now donate securely with any major credit/debit card via our online secure server or PayPal.
For US Paypal, please follow this link. Thank you for helping to ensure that SHADH can continue its work for the donkeys.

Will you join others and do the right thing for vulnerable donkeys?

Gift Aid

If you are UK a taxpayer, once you have made your donation, please complete a Gift Aid declaration to allow us to reclaim an extra 25p for every pound donated from the Inland Revenue. If claiming Gift Aid, you must read this.

During the last year, Safe Haven has been able to reclaim £25,000 from the Inland Revenue – that’s enough to pay for a veterinary surgeon to visit the sanctuary every day – so as you can see, “Gift Aiding” your donations really would make a massive difference to our work!

E-mail – email giving Safe Haven permission to reclaim tax on any donations you have made in the last four years or may make in the future, remembering to quote your full name, address and supporter number

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