Meet the team working in Gaza

Our Gaza programme is headed up by Dr Saif, who oversees the field team run by Dr Sulamman, a highly experienced veterinary technician who trained in Gaza, assisted by Mohammed, a vet assistant and Jyhad, a farrier.

There are no other vet teams operating in Gaza at this time, which makes our team a critical resource for donkeys and horses suffering injuries and diseases.

Our team aims to save as many donkeys and horses as possible. But we are in desperate need of equipment and medication to make this work possible – as well as vital food for these malnourished animals. 

How will the team help deliver first aid to animals in need?

With your support, our team can provide life-saving first aid to animals in need. As well as working in Rafah, the team is now delivering aid to animals in Khan Younis, in the east. Here, donkeys are the only means of transport, as the conflict has destroyed the road network. 

Most animals treated so far have suffered from harness wounds, hoof and foot issues and diseases. The animals are also very malnourished, having eaten little food in the last few months.

This critical work is new to Safe Haven for Donkeys, and we urgently need your support to fund this emergency project in Gaza.

For US Paypal, please follow this link.

Our Gaza Team at work

Will you support our Gaza appeal to help deliver first aid to donkeys and horses in need?

We urgently need to raise £50,000 ($63,000) to fund our food and medicine shipments, as well as fund and equip our new mobile team who will treat injured donkeys in Gaza.

With your support, we can provide help to these animals.

£20 | $25 could fund food for a donkey or horse in Gaza.

£100 | $126 could help support our new mobile team, providing much-needed first aid to donkeys and horses in need.

For US Paypal, please follow this link.

We are the only organisation dedicated to the welfare of working and abandoned donkeys in Israel and the West Bank and have been here for the donkeys for the past 20 years.

If we are lucky enough to raise more than £50,000 ($63,000) to fund our work in Gaza this year, we will use the funds to support other working donkeys in the West Bank and in Egypt.

Gift Aid

If you are UK a taxpayer, once your have made your donation, please complete a Gift Aid declaration to allow us to reclaim an extra 25p for every pound donated from the Inland Revenue. If claimimg Gift Aid, you must read this.

During the last year, Safe Haven has been able to reclaim £25,000 from the Inland Revenue – that’s enough to pay for a veterinary surgeon to visit the sanctuary every day – so as you can see, “Gift Aiding” your donations really would make a huge difference to our work!

E-mail – email giving Safe Haven permission to reclaim tax on any donations you have made in the last four years or may make in the future, remembering to quote your full name, address and supporter number

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