Our donkey update – 18th January 2024

News from Gaza

Safe Haven for Donkeys and Animals Australia have teamed up to send desperately needed animal food and medications to the only registered animal rescue organisation in Gaza. Sulala Animal Rescue looks after abandoned and unwanted cats, dogs and donkeys has been appealing to organisations around the world to help them get vital supplies into Gaza as everything has now run out. Animals Australia has been supporting Sulala with donations for some time although there are no supplies left to buy. Jointly funded with Animals Australia, a Safe Haven for Donkeys team in Egypt has purchased 2 tonnes of food and meds which are currently at the Rafah border crossing waiting for security checks to be completed. As we know from news reports and what we are told by Sulala, conditions in Gaza are appalling for both people and their pet animals all of which creates a perfect environment for disease, and causing immense suffering. If our aid is approved to enter Gaza, it will help to feed dogs and cats as well as the donkeys and horses that are so vital to the population by helping them to move away from the conflict zones as vehicle fuel is so scarce.  The medications will help to reduce the spread of disease and parasites in both the equine and small animal populations. Both Animals Australia and Safe Haven for Donkeys will continue to work together to get another shipment of food and medicines for animals into Gaza once we know our first shipment has arrived safely.  We are currently being told that it should cross the border into Gaza next week – we hope to be able to bring you an update in our next e-newsletter.

The photo below shows horse/donkey food being prepared ready for transport into Gaza

Little Be’eri was just a few months old when he arrived at our sanctuary in Israel at the end of 2023 – he is growing fast and has made firm friends with Nader, a foal of about his own age!

This donkey, who we named Blondie at the request of one of our dear supporters, was found close to death on the streets of a West Bank town, injured and unable to stand up.  Dr Rakan rushed him to our West Bank hospital in Nablus.

As you will see from the photo below, Dr Rakan worked his magic and after a lot of hard work, Blondie began to recover and is now at our new rescue centre in the Palestinian village of Arrana (the red mark on his side is not blood but is a remnant of the safe dye used to mark each donkey when moving them from Nablus to Arrana).

For some years, around 30 donkeys had been calling our clinic in the Palestinian city of Nablus home but it was too small for them to be able to run and play freely and so, thanks to your donations, we built them a new home in the village of Arrana.  The donkeys are loving their new home – if they could thank you, they would!

And finally – look at this little chap!  He is about 6 months old and was brought to our Nablus hospital as an injured, unwanted foal.  He is of course staying with us – we are holding an auction and the winning bidder will be able to name him – if you would like to take part, please click here!

We hope this update has helped to show you how your donations are helping donkeys in desperate need – thank you for your support!

Thank you!

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