Our donkey update – 11th January 2024

News from El Saf, Egypt

In our first update of the year, we’d like to show you our work by the team out in El Saf, Egypt. Since the launch earlier in 2023, they have made incredible progress – all thanks to your support.

We are delighted to share that Dr Shaaban and the rest of the veterinary team recently celebrated reaching 100 brick kilns in El Saf! Here you can see them holding up a map plotting the 100 kilns – it’s important to keep a record of where and when they visited, in order to schedule follow ups.

Our hope is to grow our funding in Egypt in 2024 to help reach even more donkeys and mules in need of vital veterinary care.

Here is one example of the many donkeys and mules they have provided veterinary care to. This beautiful donkey was depressed and feverish when the team arrived at the brick kiln. 

The donkey was extremely dehydrated, so immediately given antipyretic (painkillers), along with vitamins and intensive fluid therapy.

Here you can see Moharam caring for the donkey whilst he receives intravenous fluids – he’s reassuring him, telling him everything is going to get better now he’s receiving treatment. 

The team also provide dental care to the animals. Their goal is to improve the health of the donkeys and mules in the brick kilns, as well as educate donkey handlers and owners in better care of their hard working animals.

The workers in the brick kilns have gained greater awareness of their animals’ need for vet care and better treatment. Once Dr Shaaban has explained the problem with this donkey’s teeth, he carried out dental rasping. This will help the donkey to eat more comfortably.

We hope this update has helped to show you the work now taking place in Egypt, thanks to your support. We’ll look forward to sending you more donkey news from Egypt, the West Bank and Israel in the coming months. Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for all your support. If you’d like to read previous updates of our work, please click here.

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