Our donkey update – 4th April 2024

We’re pleased to see that Spring has finally arrived at the Sanctuary in Israel. The paddock has dried out and the donkeys are enjoying being out in the sunshine once again.

Our team over at the Sanctuary have sent us some wonderful photos which I’m sharing with you today – including the one below of Samson enjoying the scratching post!

News from the Sanctuary in Israel

Now the relentless rain has eased up, our residents at the Sanctuary have been enjoying more time in the paddock. Here you can see some heartwarming photos.

The team were able to clean out the shelter and lay down new sawdust whilst the donkeys were enjoying the paddock.

Whilst cheeky Be’eri and Nader enjoy playing.

And some of our more elderly donkeys, and those that need special care, have also received a weigh-in. Losing weight is often a sign of a dental problem.

And we’ll leave you this week with a video sent over by Dusty at the Sanctuary showing our residents heading out into the paddock. Our residents enjoy a wonderful life at the Sanctuary all thanks to your support. Thank you so much!

Our residents love being out in the paddock in the sunshine again.

Thank you!

We hope this update has helped to show you how your donations are helping donkeys in desperate need – thank you for your support!

If you’d like to support our work, please click here.

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