Our donkey update – 11th April 2024

This week we are delighted to share some photos from the West Bank of our team in Hebron. Most recently they have been visiting some of the villages around the area, helping so many animals in need.

Once again we would like to thank you, our supporters, for all your help in funding our work. It’s only with your generous support that we are able to fund our mobile vet teams and help improve the lives of so many donkeys, mules and horses.

News from the West Bank

As word of our mobile vet clinic in the south of the West Bank spreads, Dr Eyed and Ahmad have been travelling far and wide to visit villages in this region.

Here you can see them providing vital vet treatment to working animals near Bethlehem in a village called Al Khader, as well the villages of Al Heleh, Beit Amra, and Al Samn. 

They have been able to help so many working donkeys and horses in need – from hoof trims to rasping teeth, to providing deworming treatment and new head collars. All thanks to your support.

Here you can see Dr Eyed using the mechanical rasper – that you helped to fund – to carry out dental work on a horse.

Whilst Ahmad, the farrier, trims hooves.

Education continues to be a vital part of our work in the West Bank – and also in Egypt – to help future generations see the impact proper care of their animals can have. Here you can see the vet teams handing out booklets and toys to some of the children. 

Thank you!

It’s only with your help we are able to improve the lives of working donkeys, mules and horses in the West Bank and Egypt, and care for all the animals at our sanctuary in Israel, and our rescue centre and hospital over in the West Bank.

We hope this update has helped to show you how your donations are helping donkeys in desperate need – thank you for your support!

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