Salma’s Story

Salma is 3 years old Jenny, she was found in June 2015  abandoned in a forest near the Safe Haven of Qalqylia our staff bought her to the Safe Haven she was in a very bad condition with massive flank abscess and a big wound in her back, she was also very dehydrated .

We started treatment immediately by placing intravenous catheter, fluid therapy, and sedation in order to start surgery for the drainage of the huge abscess that contained over 18 liters of pus, after that it was cleaned and flashed with normal NaCl, a drainage tub was placed for several days to ensure complete draining, she stayed in intensive care receiving treatment for several weeks with antibiotics, painkillers, fluid etc……..

Since she has been with us, Salma has had 4 operations in order to heal, now she is healthy and doing well and she became a beautiful female donkey.

If you would like to help many donkeys like Salma, please donate today and help Safe Haven For Donkeys continue the work we do on a daily basis.

We thank you for your support



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