Update from the Sanctuary and the West Bank – 6th July 2023

Following the recent events in Jenin earlier this week, we’re pleased to say that Dr Rakan and Nour were able to return to the Jenin area yesterday, visiting a village called Selit Al Thaher, where they treated nine animals. 

Dr Rakan is also hoping to visit the Jenin refugee camp next week – he’s currently working tirelessly to contact friends in the area to help gather the animals in one location where he can run a mobile veterinary clinic. We will of course bring you news next week.

Dr Rakan has also been to visit the donkey we reported on last week – injured by pulling a cart of scrap metal. The donkey needed additional veterinary care as his wounds are not healing.

As the young owner is struggling to care for his animal Dr Rakan has brought the donkey back to our clinic at Nablus. Here he can provide more intensive care to support the animal back to full health. We’ll update you on the donkey’s progress next week – thank you for your donations which help us provide this vital veterinary care to working animals. 

In the meantime you can see a short video below, showing the donkey safe and well at the rescue centre in Nablus.

Many of our supporters have asked to hear more about the teams who help run the Sanctuary out in Israel. This week we’d like to tell you more about Ali and Moussa.

Ali and Moussa work at the Sanctuary providing daily care for the donkeys.

Early each morning they clean each section and area of the Sanctuary. Cleaning means removing waste, and then covering the ground with sawdust. This helps to keep the ground dry and clean which is very important for the donkeys’ hooves.

Another vital part of Moussa’s job is to provide love and affection to our residents at the Sanctuary.

Next they put chopped hay in the feeders for all the donkeys to enjoy and special mixture bowls for the donkeys that need it. This is the favourite part of the day for the donkeys ☺️.

After breakfast, Moussa and Ali head to the clinic area where they can provide treatment to the donkeys that need it. Instruction is provided by the vet, Dr Eliran. 

Thank you for all your support to the donkeys. It’s only with your help we can provide care to thousands of donkeys and other working animals across the West Bank and within our Sanctuary in Israel.

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