White Jack and his dog

Dear White Jack is a 5 year old male donkey, his owner’s name is Husam Hammad and they come from a village near Nablus called Azmout. Husam routinely brings White Jack to our Nablus haven for a check-up and six monthly worming treatments, hoof trimming when needed and a dental check. White Jack is a very calm donkey and his little life involves helping to herd Husam’s flock of sheep as he grazes with them on plots of land between the many small villages. He also works carrying and transporting certain items such as food, water tanks and the important blanket upon which Husam rests his head whilst he watches over his sheep as they roam and graze.  White Jack also has a very special relationship with a little dog friend. Husam has had them both for a few years and says they immediately took to each other and are often inseparable.


The dog is named Rex and spends a lot of time guarding his companion and Husam says they are the perfect example of unlikely best friends!  Husam recently came to us to explain he felt that perhaps the time had come to have White Jack castrated as he was becoming a little uncontrollable when he would meet female donkeys… He didn’t want to cause any trouble with other farmers and their donkeys and he wanted a solution that would help to calm White Jack. In the past many of the simple farmers ‘knew’ a method for castrating male donkeys but it was extremely primitive and therefore terribly inhumane. Thankfully since we took our work to Nablus and especially since having our wonderful haven there, the farmers have come to realise, understand and deeply appreciate that the right method of castration is performed by a qualified veterinary surgeon under a full anaesthetic. They see now that their animals recover very quickly with absolute minimal bleeding, swelling, discomfort and pain. To think what so many poor creatures must have suffered in the past is intolerable…  So dear old White Jack came for his operation and stayed with us for a few days to receive antibiotics and the appropriate treatment which included a good walk each day as that helps combat the risk of any inflammation. Guess who was patiently and devotedly waiting by his side until he came round from his anaesthetic? That darling Rex of course and I pray they will never be separated without knowing what may become of each other…

White Jack and Rex


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