Meet the Egypt vet team

Meet the mobile vet team working in Egypt

The El Saf mobile veterinary team consists of Dr Shaaban, a highly experienced equine vet who graduated from the University of Cairo in 2001, and has a Masters in Equine Surgery.

He is joined by Moharram, a farrier and harness specialist who was himself a brick kiln owner. Moharram is well placed to communicate with the owners and help them understand the benefits of treating the donkeys and better caring for them.

The final member of the team is Hamed, also a farrier. So much of the work involves the care of hooves, so his presence is vital. Hamed also helps train the handlers and owners to ensure the donkeys are better cared for, and unnecessary wounds are avoided.

How will the vet team help donkeys in need?

With your support, the mobile veterinary team will be able to visit more kilns and treat more animals in distress. Their presence in El Saf will have a huge impact, as this example shows.

In recent weeks, a donkey was brought to the Egypt team with an infected and blocked eye, as well as wounds from a poorly fitted neck collar and harness. Dr Shaaban got straight to work, flushing the eye with saline and an anti-parasitic, followed by the fitting of a fly mask to protect the area from insects. The team then cleaned all the animal’s wounds with antiseptic, and applied a soothing layer of iodine and zinc ointment. 

This shows how a simple procedure, taking a matter of minutes, can make the world of difference to an animal in pain. 

It’s a new area of work for Safe Haven for Donkeys, and we urgently need your support to raise money to fund the mobile veterinary clinic for a year. 

Just £25 could fund a new harness for a donkey pulling heavy loads of bricks, to help prevent future injuries.

Will you support our mobile veterinary team at the brick kilns?

We urgently need to raise £60,000 to fund the first year of the mobile veterinary clinic, ensuring the team has the medicine and equipment necessary to treat sick and injured donkeys at the El Saf brick kilns. 

With your support, we can provide instant pain relief for these animals.

£20 could provide a donkey in the brick kilns with vital veterinary care.

£192 could fund the mobile veterinary team for a day, to provide treatment to donkeys in the brick kilns.

The donkeys at the brick kilns are suffering but with your support we can ease their pain and give them a better future.

If we are lucky enough to raise more than £60,000 to launch our Egypt project we will use the funds to support other working donkeys in the West Bank and our Sanctuary in Israel.

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