Our donkey update – 21st December 2023

As we draw near to Christmas we’d like to reflect on the amazing progress we’ve made this year – all thanks to your support.

Thanks to you we have been able to fund a third mobile vet team in the West Bank. This has meant we can cover a far wider area and help so many more working donkeys who need veterinary care.

We have also launched our new programme in Egypt, in the brick kilns of El Saf. You helped us raise an incredible £75,000 to do this! Next year we hope to extend our work further, to reach even more of these hard working animals in dire need. 

Our new rescue centre in Arranah has been built – all thanks to you. Not a moment too soon it seems as we were called in to help 13 new rescue donkeys! 

And of course you have helped us run our sanctuary in Israel – home to 180 donkeys who live out their days with love and care – including our new arrivals Be’eri and Nader.

Your support is truly humbling. Thank you so much from all of our team here in the UK and over in the West Bank, Egypt, and our sanctuary in Israel. 

You helped to fund a new vet team in the West Bank

Earlier this year we were able to introduce a new veterinary team in the Jordan Valley, helping to care for working donkeys in this area. This is headed up by Dr Omran and Ali the farrier.

Many of the animals they treat are shepherd donkeys in remote areas. Without our vet team, many of the local farmers wouldn’t be able to access veterinary treatment for their animals.

Our vet teams in the West Bank are funded by our supporters, including these vital medicines.

You helped us build a new rescue centre in Arranah, the West Bank

During 2023 it became clear we needed a new home for our rescue donkeys in Nablus. The Nablus centre was only ever intended to be a hospital rather than a permanent home. We put out an appeal and as ever, you helped us!

We were able to build a new shelter in Arranah near Jenin. The first group of rescue donkeys living at Nablus have already been transported to their new home. They’re so happy!

Our new rescue centre in Arranah, the West Bank

Your donations will also help us to feed and care for our rescue donkeys in the West Bank – thank you.

The new shelter was built just in time – we were soon contacted about 13 rescue donkeys needing a new home. We were able to step forward and take them into our care, all thanks to your support.

You supported our Sanctuary

During 2023 you also helped us to care for all our residents at the Sanctuary in Israel, including two new arrivals – Nader and Be’eri. Here you can see Nader with his mum, Hope.

Be’eri was brought to us a month ago, and soon settled into Sanctuary life.Our fluffy new resident soon made friends with Nader and Hope.

He’s also been very pleased with the carrots for Christmas donations you’ve sent in!

You made our new programme in Egypt possible

In the summer you helped us to launch our new programme in Egypt. Our donors gave an incredible £75,000 to support us in sending in a new vet team to El Saf.

As well as funding the new team six days a week, your donations have helped us buy vital equipment, and set up education work with donkey owners to help show better ways of caring for their animals. 

Thank you!

Thank you so much for all your support in 2023. As you can see we have been able to achieve so much this year – but it’s only been possible thanks to you. We look forward to 2024 and helping even more donkeys, mules and horses in need. Happy Christmas!

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