Our donkey update – 14th September 2023

News from the West Bank

Dr Rakan was contacted by a new horse owner this week, asking if he could visit with the mobile clinic to provide treatment. The horse was severely dehydrated, anaemic and had a very poor body condition, so he was given intensive fluid therapy and vitamins. Unfortunately his previous owner – a farmer – had not cared for him very well.

Dr Rakan continued the fluid treatment the next day too and also provided appetite stimulants. We are pleased to say that the horse is doing well and Dr Rakan will visit the horse and his new owner again in a few weeks.

Below you can see Dr Rakan treating another horse at his clinic at the Nablus Rescue Centre.

Our Tubas and Hebron teams have also been on the road providing vital care to so many animals in need. Here you can see our vet, Dr Omran, at work in a village called Meswah where he was able to treat 10 animals.

Whilst Dr Eyed and our farrier, Ahmad, provided treatment to donkeys over at the Hebron animal market.

News from the Sanctuary

As you may know, all our residents at the Sanctuary are microchipped but also wear head collars with their names on. Here you can see Ali and Moussa at work replacing some of the worn head collars.

Whilst this was underway lots of our residents wanted to say hello, so we’ll leave you with this lovely selection of photos!

Here you can see Dusty, Lucky and Hope.

And here’s Moshe, with a mystery bottom backing into the photo!

And finally Ben and Rufus.

Once again we would like to say a big thank you to you, our supporters. It’s only with your help we are able to care for the donkeys at the Sanctuary in Israel, as well as commit to helping working donkeys in the West Bank and Egypt. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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