Our donkey update – 23rd November 2023

News from the Sanctuary

We have exciting news! Our Sanctuary in Israel has a new addition – a little foal who has been named Be’eri. Our new vet, Dr Rafik, believes he’s around 5 months old and is in good health.

Maybe you’d like to support us in caring for rescue foals like Be’eri by buying our baby milk virtual gift? It’s just £8 and you can send as a gift to a friend as an e-card or digital certificate. It couldn’t be easier to send your donkey gifts this year – and they make great Secret Santa presents!

We know very little about Be’eri’s background – we were called in to rescue him when he was found wandering around a kibbutz in the south of Israel. We were able to collect him and bring him back to the Sanctuary, where he’s already settling in to his new home.

As you’ll see from the photos, he’s very fluffy and very cute!

Here you can see Be’eri meeting Nader and Hope. They already appear to be bonding, which will be a comfort to this abandoned foal. as he settles in to his new home.

Our new vet at the sanctuary, Dr Rafik, has been in to check up on Be’eri and give him tetanus and rabies jabs. He thinks he’s around 5 months old.

We believe he must have still been feeding from his mother before being abandoned, as he’s been trying to feed from the females at the Sanctuary. Here he is with Hannah.

We’ll bring you an update on Be’eri next week but don’t forget you can buy a baby milk virtual gift to help support us to care for him. For our friends overseas, you can opt to receive a digital card. Thank you!

News from the West Bank

We’re delighted to say work is now complete to build our new Rescue Centre in Arranah! We will bring you a full update of the ‘big move’ in the weeks to come but below you can see a short video of the new shelter, all thanks to your support.

Our new Rescue Centre in Arranah is almost ready to welcome its new residents!

We also have a video to share of Rakan the donkey who is currently living at our hospital in Nablus.

As you may recall he has a desperately sad story, needing emergency veterinary treatment to amputate his ear. It’s hard to believe someone would set his ear alight. He’s now loved and cared for by Dr Rakan and will soon be able to live in his forever home at the new Rescue Centre.

Rakan the donkey continues to thrive at our hospital in Nablus.

Christmas appeal update… Thank you ♥️♥️

Our Christmas appeal has raised over £30,000 which has meant we were able to complete the building work at the new Rescue Centre in Arranah! We’re planning to move the donkeys in the next few weeks, so they will have a lovely new warm and comfortable home. We’ll keep you updated on the move – but don’t forget you can still donate here. Thank you!

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