Our donkey update – 30th November 2023

News from the West Bank

All three of our mobile vet clinics in the West Bank are still operating, providing – in some cases – urgent care to donkeys. Dr Rakan has shared an update which you can read below. Dr Rakan told us:

“Here we can see a donkey with a bad case of colic. The wounds on his head and body were caused by thrashing around in pain. Donkeys have so much more patience than horse, so hide any discomfort. This usually makes colic difficult to detect compared to horses. To reach this level of bruising and wounds on his body, the poor animal must have been in serious pain.”

“The owner told me he’s a shepherd donkey, and whilst in the stable with his sheep he broke into the grain store! He had a seriously impacted stomach and trapped gas. I was able to provide immediate pain relief and then intensive fluid therapy to help with dehydration.” 

 “Once his pain was eased and I was also able to tend his wounds around his eye and legs.”

Here’s the donkey after his treatment – doing well and able to feed again! Well done Dr Rakan!

The donkey is now able to feed again, all thanks to Dr Rakan and our donor’s support.

News from the Sanctuary

Over at the sanctuary our new resident – Be’eri – continues to settle in. He’s now firm friends with Nader as you can see from the photo below. (Be’eri is on the left hand side, with Nader on the right).

We also have a short video of Be’eri – he’s super fluffy and cute!

Be’eri with Nader and Hope.

We’ve also been in to meet some of the main herd this week. He’s a confident boy and the other donkeys were very interested to meet their new friend, sniffing him and coming over to greet him.

Adopt Be’eri for Christmas ♥️♥️

And guess what? You can adopt Be’eri in time for Christmas – as a gift for a loved one (or yourself).

Best of all we now have digital adoptions available on our website – perfect if you live overseas or want to send a gift to a friend this Christmas. Just select the ‘Digital’ pack option on the form and we’ll email you (or your friend) Be’eri’s ID card, photo and certificate.

We also have some festive donkeys to choose from – why not adopt Noelle or Mistletoe this Christmas instead? Thank you so much for your support. 

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