Our donkey update – 25th April 2024

I’m delighted to bring you some good news today. Yesterday we heard our animal food and medicines shipment had finally arrived in Rafah, in Gaza.

Thanks to your support we sent US$10,000 worth of food and medicines to Gaza at the end of December, with help from a local organisation called Sulala who are supporting cats and dogs in the area.

It’s taken four months to cross over the Rafah border from Egypt, but we’ve now received confirmation that the horse pellets are being distributed to malnourished donkeys and horses in desperate need, along with medicines.

We will bring you more exciting news next week of our plans to help donkeys and horses in Gaza longer term, but I’ll leave you today with a message given to one of our team on the ground in Gaza by a donkey owner:

“Our animals are suffering and it’s only Safe Haven that’s helping us. We don’t have food to feed our donkeys, or medicines to treat them. These are souls that need care. Please bring food and medicines for our animals. They need help.”

We work in some of the hardest to reach places in the world – and it’s only with your support we can help donkeys and horses in need. Thank you.

News from Gaza

Just yesterday we received news our shipment of food and medicines for animals in need had arrived at its destination in Rafah.

Our food and medical aid for animals in Gaza as arrived in Rafah.

Donkeys and horses are now more important to the people of Gaza than ever before, helping to transport food, water, building materials and essential medicines through a war-ravaged landscape.

We hope this aid will help so many animals in need in Gaza – as well as their owners and local communities. We will bring you more news of our plans for Gaza next week.

News from Egypt

Over in Egypt our work there continues to go from strength to strength. Our team have been working tirelessly in the brick kilns for a year now and have seen a dramatic improvement in the condition of working animals there – such as this donkey shown below.

As the team work with kiln owners and workers to help to improve conditions for the donkeys and mules, the animals are experiencing less injuries. This means our team can focus on other care – such as dental work.

Our team are also building up good working relationships with the kiln owners and workers – this will help ensure better animal welfare.

This week the Egypt team were called out to an emergency by a stockman – to help a donkey who needed urgent treatment.

We’re pleased to say Dr Shaaban was able to help the donkey – providing fluids for dehydration, along with multivitamins and anti inflammatories. The donkey’s teeth were also rasped to ensure he could eat properly.

The donkey received fluids and we were able to reassure his owner that he’ll make a full recovery. Well done team!

Thank you!

It’s only with your help we are able to improve the lives of working donkeys, mules and horses in the West Bank and Egypt, and care for all the animals at our sanctuary in Israel, and our rescue centre and hospital over in the West Bank.

We hope this update has helped to show you how your donations are helping donkeys in desperate need – thank you for your support!

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