Our donkey update – 9th May 2024

I would like to start our update this week by saying another ‘thank you’ for all your support to our Gaza appeal. You have been so kind with your donations to our appeal – helping us to raise a remarkable £20,000 so far. 

These donations are already helping donkeys and horses in Gaza by providing food and veterinary medicines and equipment, as well as funding our new mobile team to deliver much-needed first aid. We will bring you a further update next week.

This week we also celebrated World Donkey Day, so to celebrate, we’re bringing you a selection of photos of some of the animals you help to care for – in Egypt, the West Bank and Israel.

We hope you enjoy seeing the impact of your support!

News from Egypt

Our Egypt team have had a very busy week, finishing their assessment of 21 kilns to help review the impact of our work in the area. On Tuesday the team visited four of these kilns to help with four emergency cases.

Dr Shaaban’s team in Egypt continue to to help the donkeys working in challenging conditions in the brick kilns – like this donkey in urgent need of care

The emergency visits included helping this donkey, who was feverish and wasn’t eating properly, with a very pale mucous membrane. He was given fluid therapy along with other medicines, and his blood samples will now be analysed to see if he needs further treatment.

Although the donkeys in Egypt still need emergency care from our team – they are making amazing progress in helping animals in need.

News from the West Bank

Over in the West Bank, Dr Rakan’s team have been traveling around Nablus to help so many donkeys, mules and horses in need, including this poor donkey who is suffering from a severe case of dermatitis.

Dr Rakan was able to help the donkey by giving him much-needed medications and creams. Dr Rakan is in contact with the donkey’s owner and will visit him again in a few weeks to provide more treatment. We’ll update you on his progress as soon as we can.

Thankfully, Dr Rakan and his veterinary student were able to provide much-needed treatment.

News from Israel

Sometimes it’s good to have friends – as you can see from two of our donkeys at the Sanctuary, above!

While other residents enjoyed a good roll in the dust!

Or a good bray – as this donkey seems to be enjoying!

Thank you!

It’s only with your help we are able to improve the lives of working donkeys, mules and horses in the West Bank, Gaza and Egypt, and care for all the animals at our sanctuary in Israel, and our rescue centre and hospital over in the West Bank.

We hope this update has helped to show you how your donations are helping donkeys in desperate need – thank you for your support!

If you’d like to support our work, please click here.

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