Our donkey update – 7th December 2023

News from our new Rescue Centre in Arranah

Our new Rescue Centre – in Arranah – is now open! We have transported the first few donkeys over to the new centre, where the donkeys are enjoying their new space. Your donations have helped us to build a whole new home for them – in time for Christmas!

And it seems it wasn’t a minute too soon. Earlier this week we were made aware of 13 donkeys in need of help. Dr Rakan immediately went to their aid and helped to transport the donkeys to our hospital in Nablus. You can see a full report below.

So far 16 of our donkeys have been moved to Arranah.  These are: Coral, Daffodil, Derek, Donnie, Harry, Joe, Katie, Major, Miriam, Morris, Pen, Saafir, Salwa, Shula, Sydney and Zada.

You can see some of the donkeys really enjoying their new home in the video below – they can’t stop galloping around the paddock!

The rescue donkeys love their new home!

This leaves Charlie, Ivy, Izzard, Jan, Kay, Marian, Neil, Nicoll and Rakan at Nablus. Rakan and Jan are still receiving treatment from Dr Rakan, but they will move across soon. 

We’ll keep you updated on our new Rescue Centre in Arannah as more donkeys move across. Watch out for our weekly e-news and also look at our socials.

Our latest donkey rescues!

We arranged a rescue earlier this week, bringing 13 new rescue donkeys to the Nablus clinic, which is now our hospital space. We’re unsure of their background but they were rescued by a Palestinian American.

13 rescue donkeys were transported from their old home to our Nablus hospital.

The donkeys are currently in quarantine at the Nablus hospital for a couple of weeks and will then join the other donkeys at the new Rescue Centre in Arranah.

All 13 donkeys were safely transported to our Nablus Hospital where they are being cared for by Dr Rakan.

Will you help us care for the 13 new rescue donkeys?

We’re so pleased to help the 13 rescue donkeys now in our care – including Heba, Housni, Smart and Hilo – but it does mean 13 more mouths to feed, as well as provision of medical care such as inoculations! Will you help us by chipping in a gift today?

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