Our donkey update – 16th May 2024

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our supporters since we launched our appeal for our new team out in Gaza, providing first aid to donkeys and horses in dire need. As I write we have raised over £23,000, all thanks to your gifts. 

As you can imagine, receiving regular updates from the team is a problem, as access to WiFi is sporadic and unreliable. But we did receive a message and images from Dr Saif on Monday – which I’m sharing with you today.

Please do also take a moment to view and share our short video about Gaza, voiced by our wonderful patron Peter Egan.

Please watch and share our appeal video voiced by our patron Peter Egan

Dr Rakan has also sent over an update from the West Bank where his team continues to improve the lives of donkeys, mules and horses. You can see a selection of his photos below.

We hope you enjoy seeing the impact of your support – it truly is appreciated by everyone at Safe Haven.

Our team in Gaza continue to provide support to donkeys and horses in desperate need.

News from Gaza

Donkeys and horses continue to be absolutely vital to communities in Gaza, providing a way of transporting water and food, and even taking people to hospital.

Many animals have also been displaced, and are vulnerable to injury and starvation.

Our Gaza team are providing first aid to so many animals in need. Treating wounds caused by pulling heavy loads, as well as wounds inflicted by missile shards.

News from the West Bank

Dr Rakan also sent over an update on Monday, sharing photos from a trip out to a village called Beita where the team treated 32 donkeys and horses who really needed our help.

Dr Rakan was accompanied by Nour, our farrier over in Nablus, along with a veterinary student called Dr Mahmoud. Dr Mahmoud is studying at An Najaf National University and will be with Dr Rakan for a further two weeks, to learn more about equine veterinary care.

As ever the local children were delighted when the team handed out booklets about donkeys, to help educate future generations about equine care.

Thank you!

It’s only with your help we are able to improve the lives of working donkeys, mules and horses in the West Bank, Gaza and Egypt, and care for all the animals at our sanctuary in Israel, and our rescue centre and hospital over in the West Bank.

We hope this update has helped to show you how your donations are helping donkeys in desperate need – thank you for your support!

If you’d like to support our work, please click here.

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