Update from the Sanctuary and the West Bank – 20 October 2022

Our Hebron team have been at the animal market this week, helping to treat lots of animals in need of care. They have also visited a place near Bethlehem called Al Salehat:

Hebron team near Bethlehem

Hebron team treating donkey  Hebron team putting harness cover on a donkey

Dr Rakan and Wael have sent us some beautiful photos this week – here you can can them both comforting and calming donkeys before they undergo treatment:

Wael comforts a donkey receiving treatment

Dr Rakan calms a donkey waking up from anaesthesia

And a quick update from our residents at the Sanctuary in Israel – here you can see Dominic:

Dominic receiving ongoing care at the sanctuary in Israel   

And our photo of the week… Moussa helping to care for Griselda. We think this really shows the trusting relationship all the donkeys have with the staff at the Sanctuary:


Moussa treating Griselda's eye ulcer

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