Update from the Sanctuary and the West Bank – 5 October 2022

Dr Rakan and his team have helped so many donkeys this last week, including visiting builder donkeys who so desperately need his help – access to veterinary treatment is expensive and hard to find out in the West Bank. You can see some of his photos below:

Builder donkey   Builder donkey

This included treating donkeys near Bethlehem:

Donkey near Bethlehem   Donkey being led by Dr Rakan near Bethlehem

The Sanctuary is busy preparing for the colder, wetter winter months. You can see below photos of straw being moved out from under the shelter. Once Tarek has finished moving the straw he will cover it with the old plastic removed from the poly tunnel (which has recently been renewed):

Straw bales being made ready for Winter   New plastic sheeting being applied to the shelter

And our photo of the week… the three amigos Widdy, Laura and Gavin:

Three donkeys Widdy, Laura and Gavin


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