Jan was brought to our clinic in the Palestinian city of Nablus, underweight and wounded. Dr Rakan treated her and brought her back to full health – eventually her owner decided he didn’t want her so she now has a home for life with our charity.

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In August 2023, Dr Rakan was alerted to the plight of a donkey found on the streets of the Palestinian city of Jericho.  The poor donkey had been set alight and one of his ears was badly burned.  He must have been in so much pain.  Dr Rakan immediately had the donkey transported to our

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Dominic was just 2 when he came into our sanctuary but he looked much older as he was very thin, had a wound at the base of his tail and ulcers around his mouth that made it impossible for him to eat (probably why he was so skinny).  A kind gentleman had found Dominic being

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Coral was found abandoned near our clinic in the Palestinian city of Nablus on 21 January 2021 with overgrown hooves which meant she couldn’t walk properly.  After a hoof trim, she is now getting on very well.  

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Myra, named after the wife of our wonderful patron Peter Egan, was brought to our clinic in the Palestinian city of Nablus last week after being found standing at the side of the road with her mother who had been injured in a car accident a couple of days before. Sadly, the older donkey’s injuries

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Dr Rakan brought Kay back to the Nablus rescue centre in the West Bank when she was aged just 2-3 weeks old. He’d received a call from someone who had found her on his land.

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