Update from the Sanctuary and the West Bank – 4th May 2023

We hope you enjoy Dusty’s video updates this week. You can see the donkeys waiting patiently for their feed before being let out. They look very happy! 

The donkeys are getting impatient waiting for their feed and have lots to say!
Watch the donkeys being released into the paddock to feed!

Thanks to everyone who supported our Easter appeal Dr Eliran has been at the Sanctuary caring for the donkeys’ teeth. Murphy, Toby and Clyde were just a few of the donkeys receiving care and chopped hay to help with chewing.

Dr Rakan, Dr Omran and Dr Eyed have all been out with mobile clinics this week, helping to care for working donkeys who wouldn’t otherwise have access to veterinary care. Up in the north of the West Bank Dr Rakan and Dr Omran provided help to shepherd donkeys. So many of them had problems with itchy legs from flies, saddle and muzzle sores, and all were in need of deworming.

Dr Eyed and Ahmad were out in the south of the West Bank, near Hebron. This included a visit to a village called Bakkar were they treated 10 animals.

If you’d like to donate to help support our work in the West Bank and at the Sanctuary, please click here. Thank you!

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