Author name: Debbie Warren

Latest update on Dominic

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Karen (Dusty) has sent us another update on Dominic – look at him roll! He’s doing so well now he’s been moved in with Group A permanently. Watch Dominic’s latest video by clicking below:  

It’s hoof time at the Sanctuary

One of Ali’s daily tasks is to check the donkeys’ hooves to ensure they’re free of stones. These can cause discomfort to our residents, so the donkeys are very grateful to Ali. Here you can see that Widdy is particularly interested to see what’s going on…


Meet Elijah – another new resident at the Sanctuary

Elijah is another recent addition to the herd at the Sanctuary. He’s currently living with ‘Group A’, the new male donkeys arriving at the Sanctuary. This segregation is helpful until they’re castrated and also ensures the donkeys have easy access to food, as they’re often underweight when they first arrive. Part one… Elijah will join …

Meet Elijah – another new resident at the Sanctuary Read More »

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